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U12 Players
"SuperY was not only about winning and losing, but learning. It was an amazing experience. Just to have that opportunity to do what you love! I also liked making new friends, new people and trying new things. Don’t second guess about doing SuperY, you won’t regret it!"

"The experience was awesome. I loved traveling around with my friends and hanging in the pools and hot tubs but most importantly, I loved learning how to get better at soccer. The coaches were amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it."

"Everyone should do SuperY because it’s super fun and you meet all new friends. The games are super fun and everyone has a great time. SuperY Rocks!!! It’s a great competition and soooo fun."

"I really like SuperY because of the good competition. Also the new experiences were fun."

"Everyone should do superY, it helps you improve on your skills and you also will have fun with your friends!!"

"In SuperY, I have learned many things about soccer and I have also bonded with many new friends. I appreciate that I got to be a part of it."

"I liked how the competition was really tough and also it was fun meeting new friends and getting to know them."

"Everyone should be in SuperY because you make new friends and play great soccer and great clubs. We learn a ton of new skills from different people and other teams. Everyone needs to be in SuperY."

"I liked that I got to play with different teams. I also liked that we got to play with and against different teams that have different skill levels. It was fun traveling to different states and meeting new people from different teams."

"I liked traveling to different states. The best thing was playing tougher teams to help me get better at soccer!"

"Not only did I get to play with great competition, also traveling to places I would never have gone to. I get to learn from the best coaches who have taught me soooo much. I got the experience of a lifetime. I also met friends who will last forever."

U14 Players
"Something I really like about SuperY is the competition and the time we get to bond with our teammates. It’s a great way to get out of the house and be active."

"What I really like about SuperY is the fact that we get out of the state and get to play hard competition! The bus rides are always fun and you get to meet new people! I have been doing it for 3 years and I love it. I also feel like I got a lot closer to our younger girls and my own team. It’s a lot of soccer but worth it! It’s a great experience!"

"SuperY is a wonderful experience. By playing SuperY we are able to stay in shape over the summer and improve our game. We play good competition and get a lot of playing time. It is also fun because we spend a lot of time with our teammates and make new friends. We Love SuperY!"

"SuperY was a great experience. The competition was very good and it was fun to spend time with teammates."

"At SuperY, every game is a championship, a challenge, and an opportunity. You’re able to show everyone your unique style of play and how you contribute to such a “super” soccer team."

"My favorite part of SuperY was the great experience. I got to bond with my teammates while getting a chance to play high level soccer. I enjoyed getting to know a lot of my teammates very well and getting to play soccer in the summer when normally I would not be able to play in a competitive league. I learned a lot and had a fantastic time. I would definitely do it again and encourage others who love soccer to do SuperY."