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U10 6v6 Rules

Law 1 - The Field
A.   Dimensions:  The field shall be rectangular.  The recommended minimum length is 50 yards and the minimum width is 35 yards.   The preferred length is 60 yards by 45 yards.  If possible make your field the maximum.  The length in all cases shall exceed the width.  The maximum U10 dimensions are the same as the U12 minimum, so if you have a field issue make it the maximum and use it for U10 and U12
B.   Markings:  Distinctive lines marking the outside of  field, touchlines and goal lines.  A halfway line shall be marked out across the field.  There will be a center circle with a eight (8) yard radius.  The goal area will three (3) yards out into the field and ten (10) yards long.  The penalty area will be 12 (12) yards out into the field and twenty (20) yards long.  The penalty mark should be ten (10) yards from the goal line. An arc of a circle with a radius eight (8) yards from the penalty mark is drawn outside the penalty area.
C.   Corner arcs with a radius of one (1) yard.
D.   Goals:  Use the current U10 goals.  6’x 18’ min and 7’x 20’ max.
Law 2 - The Ball
The game ball will be a size 4 and should be supplied by the home team.
Law 3 - Number of Players.
A.      The maximum number of players on the field at any one time is six (6).  One of the six will be a goalkeeper.
B.      The maximum number of players on the roster is ten (10).
C.      Substitutions -Unlimited substitutions by either team at any stoppage
D.      Each player shall play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time.
Law 4 - Players Equipment
A.      Footwear:  Cleated soccer shoes or tennis shoes are acceptable.
B.      Shin-guards are mandatory.  Socks should cover the shin-guards.
C.      Each player will need a normal jersey and a white t-shirt (or different colored penny).  The alternate to be used in the event of a color conflict.  The home team must change color if there is a conflict.
Law 5 - The Referee
A.      Registered  (8) or Associate Grade (9)
Law 6 - Assistant Referee (Linesman)
B.      Parents (use a different one each week) should be used.  One from each team is preferred
Law 7 - Duration of the Game
A.      The game shall be divided into two (2) equal halves of twenty-five (25)minutes each.
B.      Half-time break of five (5) minutes. 
Law 8 - The Start of Play
A.      A coin toss will be used to start the game, visitor will call the coin.  Winner will have a choice of which goal to defend.  Loser will kick-off.
B.      At half-time switch ends and the team that did not kick-off in the first half will kick-off.
C.      Players must be outside of the center circle for a kick-off.
Law 9 – The Ball in and out of Play
A.      The ball is out of play when the WHOLE ball crosses the goal line or touch line either in the air or on the ground, or anytime the referee stops play.   
B.      The ball is in play at all other times
Law 10 – Method of Scoring
A.      A goal is scored whenever the WHOLE ball crosses the goal line between the goal posts and under the crossbar, provided no infringements of the laws of the game have been committed  previously by the team scoring the goal.
Law 11 – Offside
A.      There is no offside at this level
Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct
A.      Conforms to FIFA
Law 13 – Free Kicks
A.      Conforms to FIFA, there will be direct and indirect kicks.
Law 14 – Penalty Kicks
A.      There will be penalty kicks conforming to FIFA rules
Law 15 – Throw In
A.      Conforms to FIFA
Law 16 – Goal Kick
A.      Conforms to FIFA
Law 17 – Corner Kick
A.      Conforms to FIFA