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College-Bound Players

College Information 
We want to make sure that our club members have all the information they need to be able to effectively approach the college of their choice.  Below is a collection of documents and links, that you will find very beneficial.  These documents will help and teach you how to properly approach colleges, coaches, and how to present your portfolio in a very attractive manner.  If there is any other information you would like to see on this page, feel free to let us know.
Personalizing a First Contact Email or Letter
By now you know that the first rule of college recruiting success is be proactive.  Make your first impression a good one!  Consider these tips when writing your first communication, the objective of which is to let the coach know that you want to play for him or her.
  • Keep it short; you can elaborate in later communications.
  • Be 100% honest; 99% is not good enough.
  • Let  the coach know that you know something about the school, even if it's only the team name - Longhorns, Aggies,  etc.  Mention if you've visited the campus, watched the team play, etc.
  • Tell the coach your high school, grade and graduation date - in one sentence.
  • Tell the coach where she/he can get more info about you and your team - Mequon website, your personal website, etc.
  • (Make sure your team trainer is aware of your communications)
  • Tell the coach when he can see you play - save the details for a follow-up communication.
  • Tell the coach that you will be contacting him or her again.
  • Proofread!  Make sure there are no spelling, punctuation, syntax or grammatical errors.
  • Include a small picture ID (100 x 150 pixels) as part of your signature.  A simple graphic signature can also add a personal touch to your email.
Helpful documents:
Other useful links: