FUSION TRYOUTS 2014 -2015   Tryouts have all been moved to River Barn Park for the rest of the week !!!!
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Letter to our Members

Mequon and Grafton Soccer Clubs in Alliance to form Fusion Soccer Club
Over the course of the past few months, representatives of the Mequon and Grafton Soccer clubs have been discussing ways to improve the club experience for our families and players at all levels.  Both clubs have competitive, high-quality programs anchored by top-notch coaching staffs, and we both operate on the philosophy that the development of young soccer players is the single most important function of our organizations.   Our common purpose and focus, the mutual respect of our coaching staffs, and our geographic proximity suggested a natural alliance that will combine our Select and High School programs under a new entity called the Fusion Soccer Club.  After careful consideration of the myriad effects that such a change would have on our players and families, the Boards of both clubs have recently voted to proceed with the creation of Fusion.  While the final details are still being worked out, we fully expect Fusion to be operational in time for tryouts in June.

It is important to note that both the Grafton and Mequon Soccer Clubs will continue to exist, and will in fact continue to run separate micro, development, academy, and recreational programs.   The Select and High School programs of the two clubs will play under the banner of the Fusion club starting in Fall of 2013, with coaching resources from both Mequon and Grafton working with all Fusion teams.  This combination will roughly double the number of players in the Select/High School programs as compared to what each separate club has currently, making it easier to maintain roster sizes and stable teams.  Additional coaching and field resources will improve the development of all of our players.  It is expected that Fusion teams will continue to play highly competitive soccer at the local, state, and regional level.

Both Mequon and Grafton Soccer Club boards are very excited about this alliance and the potential it holds for current and prospective members, and we believe that it will only improve our ability to teach your child how to be a better soccer player.  We also recognize that such a change will raise some concerns and questions.  You are encouraged to voice these either to your team manager, to a Mequon Soccer Club board member (you can e-mail to board@mequonsoccerclub.com), or via phone/e-mail to our club administrator (admin@mequonsoccerclub.com).  We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.  We are also planning a club meeting where you can get more information about the plan, and it will serve as an open forum to discuss the details of this alliance and the benefits for players in both clubs.   Members of the Mequon Soccer Club board will be present to facilitate the meeting and to answer questions.