Use of Club Pass

WYSA Club Pass Policy
The WYSA league in which most of our Premier teams compete allows for up to 4 "Club Pass" players to play in a league game (see this link for WYSA explanation of policy).  This means that in addition to the players on the official team roster, up to 4 other players from the same club can participate in a game, providing that they are age-appropriate and the total number of players for the game does not exceed 18.  The Club typically employs the Club Pass policy in the situation where the coach feels that additional players are needed, such as when one or more roster players will miss a game.  Because the Club Pass policy requires that the players be age-appropriate, typically they are drawn from teams either at the same age-level or below, and in the latter case this is referred to as "playing up" because the player will be involved in a game with players that are generally one or more years older.

How Players Are Selected
Since the Club Pass policy is most often used to fill out a team that is short players for a given game, the coach is usually looking to fill particular positions.  The team may need a player for a very specific role, or one that can play several different positions. There are a variety of factors in selecting players, including positional needs, skill level, physical conditioning, and availability.  It is the coach that makes the sole assessment and request for particular players.  The contributing team manager is usually involved to handle coordination and communication, but does not have a role in selecting players.

Playing "Up"
The Club Pass policy allows players to participate in games at one or more age levels above their nominal age level.  This is often an opportunity for growth as a soccer player, but can also be a significant physical and mental challenge for young players.  In some cases the field size and/or game running time may be significantly larger than the player is accustomed to, and the opposing players are often bigger, faster, and used to more physical play.  The coach will carefully consider the readiness of a younger player to "play-up", in addition to the criteria noted above, as it is not fair or beneficial to the player to do so before he/she is properly prepared.  Whether or not your child is asked to play up, parents must respect the decision of the coaches. If your child is asked to participate in a game for another team, you should make a reasonable effort to make the player available and get them to the game.  Likewise, you are expected to accept and support the decision if another child is selected.

Playing Time
As with all players on a Premier-level team, there is no guarantee that a Club Pass player will play in a game, or if they play, how much time they will spend on the field.  The amount of time each player gets on the field is determined solely by the coach, and is a function of the game situation and other factors.  As with all decisions related to the players and the team, parents are asked to respect the decision of the coaches in this regard.