Opportunity Fund

The Mequon Soccer Club has a long history of encouraging young people to participate in soccer and develop as soccer players.  The infrastructure and associated costs needed to support player development at a high level is significant, and the Program fees that are needed to pay for it is a barrier to some players and families.  Over the years the Club has enabled many children to play club soccer who would otherwise not be able through sponsorship and reduced fees.

With the formation of Fusion and the excitement it has generated we have greater needs than ever for sponsorship funds, and have formed the Opportunity Fund to manage collection and allocation of money to families in need of assistance in paying Program fees.  The Fund is operated by a committee of the MSC Board of Directors.  Money collected will be used only to offset Program fees, and will be allocated to families on the basis of a completed Application for Assistance form.  The Fund operating committee will publish a report once a year detailing the Fund collections, disbursements, number of families helped, and other details.  Applications for aid are on our Financial Aid page.

Your contributions are tax deductible (MSC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and the IRS certification is available upon request), and you will receive documentation of your contribution in the US mail.  Unless you elect to remain anonymous, you will be recognized for your contribution on this website and in literature that is distributed to individuals/businesses (we will identify contribution amounts only in ranges).  You may also elect to donate anonymously, or to be identified only as a "Friend of the Mequon Soccer Club".  You may request that your contribution be used for particular teams or age groups, otherwise it will be considered unrestricted.  Please contact our administrator (e-mail, or call 262.240.1080) for any elections/requests.

Contributions can be made at, or mailed to, the MSC office.  Checks should be made out to Mequon Soccer Club, and please indicate "Opportunity Fund" on the notes line, and include your return address and any special instructions with the check.   Checks can be mailed to:

Mequon Soccer Club
10936 North Port Washington Road, Suite 114
Mequon, WI 53092

You can also contribute amounts up to $2000 using your credit card from the link below.

We are also looking for contributions or matching donations from businesses!  If you are a business that would like to help deserving children/families play club soccer at MSC, please contact our administrator.

Thank you for your support!

$1000 and Up
Friends of the Coaching Staff

Friend of the Mequon Soccer Club

The Malicky Family

Jen Gotto at Mo's Irish Pub


Up to $49